Idle Heroes Tier List Updated Download Free 2019

Idle Heroes is a fantasy RPG in which you assemble a team of heroes and take them into battle, constantly upgrading them. In addition to the traditional gameplay elements, Idle Heroes adds inactive mechanics, where your heroes improve even when you’re not playing. The players, which are usually from almost all the demographics, start their journey from Sara Forest to the High Sky and try to take their band of heroes to the ancient ruins to defeat the force of darkness. The players progress in this game by training their heroes for the battles. The idle system in the game is basically a feature that allows the player to train his or her heroes while the character is unavailable, when the player returns, his soldier will be stronger and ready for the fight.

Developed and published by DHGAMES, this fantasy game is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Due to its thrilling and stimulating attributes, it has become a highly addictive game for millions of players around the world. There are several characters available in the game that consist of several classes – each class has its own unique characteristics and abilities. Choose a theme and enter the game world to complete your goals. The player character is able to interact with another player, join the team and begin the adventure against deadly dark forces. Each completed mission will provide a huge reward that the player can use to improve their character skills. More than 200 heroes to choose from, different game world, many upgrades, collect items, achievements and various modes. These are the main features of the game. Idle Heroes also offers great game setup, simple controls and enjoyable gameplay.

Idle Heroes Tier List

Tier Avatar Name Key Stats Features Description
Tire 1 King Barton HP



Stun Icon Stun Hammer’s Verdict, Heroic Charge,

The Call of

The King,

Tire 1 Xia Block



Bleed Bleed Whirlwind Sweep, Shadow Step, Reverse Damage
Tire 2 Skerei Crit



Death Ray , Insect Armor, The Grip of the Death
Tire 2 Horus Attack



CC Immune Partially Immune
Bleed Bleed
Torment of Flesh and Soul ,

Corrupted Rebirth, Descending Raven

Tire 2 Cthugha Attack


CC Immune Burn/Bleed Immune
Bleed Bleed
Burn Burn
Terror Blade,

Demon Bloodline, Flame Chase

Tire 3 Asmodel Crit



Divine Gathering, Asmodeus, Light Guardian,
Tire 3 Sigmund Attack


Burn Burn Flame Bomardment, Burning Pain, Lava Shield
Tire 3 Corpsedemon Speed


CC Immune Freeze Immune
Freeze Freeze
Fury of Iciness,Realm of Frost, Absolute Zero
Tire 3 Dark Arthindol Energy



Petrify Petrify Chaos Dark,

Petrify, Preemptive Defense

Tire 4 Ice Blink Speed



Freeze Freeze Ice Blade, Sword Guru, Freeze


Tire 4 Queen Attack



Bleed Bleed Storm Blade,

Eye for Eye, Blade Fury

Tire 4 Sleepless Attack


Petrify Petrify Sleepless Mark, Shadow Cohesion, Sleeping Spell
Tire 5 Gerke Attack



Divine Light ,

Spring To Life, Heavenly Order

Tire 5 Dantalian Attack


Burn Burn Flame Sword,

Power of Dantalian , Self Cure

Tire 5 Groo Attack


Shadow Blast, Groo’s Tenacity , Coun terattack

Idle Heroes is a type of game in which success is simultaneously related to the power of heroes. The players in this game must be aware of the characteristics and unique powers contained by each hero. For this, there is a list called Idle Heroes Tire List. It is an information-based list, having the most important information regarding to the best Heroes in the game for you. This information helps you in building the best possible teams that beats the meta game.

Best Information of Idle Heroes Tier List

The lack of knowledge about the heroes may lead to the defeat in the game that is commendable by the players. The fate of your enemy in Ideal Heroes completely depends upon your ability to influence the battle field with the help of your enemies. That is only possible if you have a comprehensive idea about the powers of your heroes. That is why, best idle heroes tier list is there to assist you for advancing in the game.

If we jump into more details, the tier list of heroes is basically divided into categories depending upon the powers and capabilities of each one of the heroes which are ranked as 1 star, 2 star and so on up to 5. There are different game levels and battle zones. The heroes must be taken to a particular battle field if their rank is according to the match of the opponent in the battle zone. For example, 1-star tiers cannot be used for campaigns and Arenas as these stages demands more powerful warriors. Initially, you have no option but to use 1-star and 2-star warriors for the battle field. The reason is that the heroes of higher ranks are only accessible if you successfully advance in the game. You can unlock the heroes of 4th and 5th rank and make the game even more interesting.

Idle Heroes Complete List 

Shadow  Shadow Idle Heroes List

Tier Avatar Name Key Stats Features Description
Tire Aidan Mage Mage
Power: 85364,
Health: 461851
AOE Damage, Silence CC, Armor Break
Tire Baade Warrior Warrior
Power: 86831,
Health: 577530
Tank, Offtank, Debuffer
Tire Blood Blade Assassin Assassin
Power: 74793,
Health: 306550
Creation circle
Tire Bone General Warrior Warrior
Power: 5693,
Health: 18072
Friendship Summon,
Heroic Summon Scroll,
Tire Bonecarver Assassin Assassin
Power: 16205,
Health: 53761
Shadow Siphon
Tire Corpsedemon Warrior Warrior
Power: 95784,
Health: 617184
Tire Deathsworn Mage Mage
Power: 14413,
Health: 44594
Creation circle
Tire Dominator Warrior Warrior
Power: 95404,
Health: 672471
Tire Field Ranger Ranger
Power: 75634,
Health: 332184

(3000 Soul Stone Shard)

Tire Gbagbo Ranger Ranger
Power: 5228,
Health: 13265
Poison Tongue,
Tire Glen Priest Priest
Power: 16325,
Health: 19292
Dark Priest
Tire Grumpy Corpse Warrior Warrior
Power: 5567,
Health: 27025
Ice Troll
Tire Horus Warrior Warrior
Power: 99515,
Health: 658277
Torment of Flesh and Soul
Tire Jahra Mage Mage
Power: 84013,
Health: 415246
Evil Infestation , Shadow Of Night III
Tire Kamath Ranger Ranger
Power: 79924,
Health: 432620
Shake of Earth , Rock solid
Tire Kharma Priest Priest
Power: 87364,
Health: 372083
Kharma Rays, Blood Strike
Tire Lamb Ranger Ranger
Power: 5786,
Health: 16611
Chain Hammer
Tire Lutz Assassin Assassin
Power: 79056,
Health: 382007
Electric Surge
Tire  Nightmare Knight Warrior Warrior
Power: 5693,
Health: 22590
 Ice Troll,
Tire Walter Assassin Assassin
Power: 72878,
Health: 291717

Fortress Fortress Idle Heroes List

Tier Avatar Name Key Stats Features Description
Tire Bleecker Mage Mage
Power: 67597,
Health: 339986
Lightning, Secret Heart II
Tire Emily Priest Priest
Power: 76835,
Health: 459480
Void Nightmare, Spiritual Blessing III
Tire Flame Strike Mage Mage
Power: 94072,
Health: 585513
Tire Honor Guard Warrior Warrior
Power: 93240,
Health: 648520
Creation circle
Tire Ice blink Ranger Ranger
Power: 76918,
Health: 352127
Ice Blade
Tire Iron Bambi Warrior Warrior
Power: 5757,
Health: 20165
Tire Kristian Warrior Warrior
Power: 16679,
Health: 79474
Tire Liquor Ranger Ranger
Power: 5455,
Health: 14235
Tara’s Servant,
Tire LM-02 Ranger Ranger
Power: 5455,
Health: 14235
Tire Miki Ranger Ranger
Power: 77029,
Health: 359082
Rainbow Laser
Tire Mirage Assassin Assassin
Power: 74650,
Health: 311663
Blast Blade, Shadow Dance II
Tire OD-01 Assassin Assassin
Power: 77123,
Health: 494863
Honest Heart II ,Chaos Dark
Tire Ormus Priest Priest
Power: 76079,
Health: 432286
Blue Lightning Laser
Tire Penny Ranger Ranger
Power: 99550,
Health: 565312
Fatal Fireworks
Tire Roy Assassin Assassin
Power: 15065,
Health: 41499
Tire Sierra Mage Mage
Power: 14293,
Health: 51997
Frozen Heart
Tire Sigmund Warrior Warrior
Power: 84757,
Health: 506654
Flame Bombardment
Tire Storm Hudde Warrior Warrior
Power: 5187,
Health: 16502
Fire Fist
Tire Time Mage Mage Mage
Power: 5221,
Health: 12590
Tire Valentino Mage Mage
Power: 85348,
Health: 440961
Tire Xia Assassin Assassin
Power: 89821,
Health: 348945
Whirlwind Sweep

Abyss Abyss Idle Heroes List

Tier Avatar Name Key Stats Features Description
Tire Akasha AssassinAssassin
Power: 5652,
Health: 15422
Tire Aleria Mage Mage
Power: 14293,
Health: 51997
Tire Barea Warrior Warrior
Power: 92872,
Health: 634978
Suppressed Strike
Tire Cthugha Ranger Ranger
Power: 98193,
Health: 533190
Terror Blade
Tire Dantalian Warrior Warrior
Power: 87916,
Health: 406263
Tire Destroyer Mage Mage
Power: 16019,
Health: 41761
Wild Beast
Tire Fat Mu Ranger Ranger
Power: 74481,
Health: 311097
Creation circle
Tire Gusta WarriorWarrior
Power: 82691,
Health: 529663
Good Armor
Tire Immolatus WarriorWarrior
Power: 5459,
Health: 20064
Flaming Lips
Tire Karim Assassin Assassin
Power: 82943,
Health: 417782
Karim’s Trick
Tire King Barton WarriorWarrior
Power: 86485,
Health: 563668
Tire Kroos Priest Priest
Power: 90244,
Health: 498739
Weak Curse
Tire Lemegeton WarriorWarrior
Power: 5459,
Health: 15434
Flaming Lips
Tire Lord Balrog Warrior Warrior
Power: 90402,
Health: 619018
Great Attacker
Tire Margaret Mage Mage
Power: 75198,
Health: 291728
Good Health
Tire Norma Priest Priest
Power: 15638,
Health: 51983
Good Power
Tire Queen Ranger Ranger
Power: 90169,
Health: 398281
Eye for Eye
Tire Rogge PriestPriest
Power: 5400,
Health: 9776
Good Attacker
Tire Skerei Mage Mage
Power: 79383,
Health: 434230
Death Ray
Tire Tanner AssassinWarrior
Power: 5808,
Health: 24770
Good Health

Ideal Heroes Gameplay

Idle Heroes – colorful action RPG network with thrilling story history, the possibility of gradual development and enhancement of your heroes, fights and eye-catching video graphics, unfolds a remarkable gaming experience for the players. The concept that is used for the development of this game is incredible. Out of many game studios, DHGAMES is an exception that has transformed the gaming world. At the beginning of the diversified team consists of gallant warriors, then comes with equipment package, and distributed available resources and priority spending actions. After unconditional training and pedagogy, the battle is begun with the enemies. It should be noted, this victory in this mandatory phase is issued automatically, without any thoughtful user action and unpleasant linings. Other non-assisted players will provide tumakami opponents and swell the coffers of the regular part of gold coins.

As we have said, every Idle Heroes battle takes place in the “hands off” – to win, the player is able to influence only by using additional resources, throughout the local confrontation, choosing the right formation and regular ultimatums pumps the talents of the heroes. One milestone, leading to victory, is the systematic inventory – things from chests should give your unit members the maximum they need to increase the chances of ultimate success. By the way, units to form a team get special magic source gamer – selection of skilled ally depends largely on blind fortune, which is not always on the virtual commander’s side. Predisposition to cooperative project time role-playing in Idle Heroes is extremely obvious. A very detailed tutorial, affecting the different aspects of the game, a constant reminder to ensure the victory stages, lack of user resources affect and the importance of the Ideal Heroes best team is depicted. But inability to influence the actions of fighters directly in the heat of battle – what led us to prospective developers to choose the fate of the enemy? Even a small variation in this matter that allow novelty to tune in with new colors and become much more interesting.